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devastation in a region of russia. the next time could be 40 years, an impact could damage the world's communications system badly. the world relies on the satellite systems far more heavily than most of us realize. all of our aircraft and motor transport systems run on satellite gps and mills and many of the world's clocks are based on signals from space and most of our telecommunications and television signals, at some point, pass across satellites. if the satellite system was damaged, the world would go dark, on that cheery little mouth, --note, it will affect telecommunications. >> thank you very much, not very -- nothing very dark about you. still to come -- could liverpool fc face racial abuse when they play in russia tonight? ♪ ♪ >> at least four people have been killed in an airplane crash in ukraine. the aircraft was carrying and two flan28fans passengers remained unaccounted for. >> this is what remains of the small passenger plane that was carrying 45 people after skidding past the runway, it crash landed and turned over. most passengers were able to escape through a c
that hit russia and left hundreds injured. an end to the holiday from hell. the crew ships docks and passengers relive the nightmare cruise. >> the worst was the toilet conditions, having to go in the gs. >> and in the ba business news. >> it is meant to be about getting countries to grow again. cutting the value of their currency to make exports cheaper. many say it is cheating. say japan is the worst offender. they will be meeting in moscow this weekend to thrash it out. london, 7:00y in in the morning in washington, 2:00 p.m. in pretoria, south africa. olympic and paralympic at least oscar pistorius, the double amputee, has appeared in court and been charged with murder. he broke down in tears as prosecutors announced they would pursue a charge of premeditated murder. his lawyers described him as being in an extremely traumatized state of mind. we have this report from our correspondent richard galpin. >> hiding his face from the cameras, oscar pistorius day is to be a police van taken to court. the global sporting legend facing a day of reckoning after his girlfriend or shot
russia following an incident in the air. defense ministry officials say two russian war planes violated the country's air space on thursday. they say it happened just before 3:00 p.m. southwest of rishiri island off hokkaido. air self defense force commander scrambled four fighter jets. the russian aircraft left japanese air space after about a minute. officials immediately launched a protest with the russian embassy in tokyo. they are calling for an investigation. russian authorities say they will confirm the details. foreign ministry spokespersons say this is the first time in five years russian aircraft have violated japanese air space. >>> the head of the all-japan judo federation wants to clear the air. he will brief officials on a scandal that's tarnished a sport that started in japan. coaches physically abused members of the women's national team. 15 team members filed a complaint with the japanese olympic committee. they said coaches engaged in violent behavior in training, such as slapping wrestlers in the face. the head coach and the director of technical development have resi
by russia and the united states and other neighbors in bringing these parties together to talk, provide a kind of structure for that. is that taking place in any way. >> they haven't been willing to say that assad stepping down is inevitable and needs to occur at the beginning. and you know it has to be that way in order for this to have a political solution. >> so how can the opposition meet with assad with all the blood on his hands. >> yeah. >> how possibly can they do that. >> so that is a nonstarter that the opposition will meet with assad but they might meet with representatives. >> i think what al chatib said who is the head of the syrian opposition council that they would be willing to meet with representatives of the government going forward here. now your point, the right way forward here would be to have an international umbrella group that would sponsor a political transition. we put this together at geneva last june, secretary clinton did, which mandated or agreed that there would be a political transition, that there would be opposition and government members of that trans
at sea they criticized russia for something they said happened in the air. defense analysts say russian military planes entered japanese airspace but, again, facing denials. the analysts say russian war planes briefly entered the war space on thursday. they say it happened southwest in the northern prefecture of hokkaido. jets scrambled to intercept the aircraft. japan's foreign ministry lodged a protest. officials with russia's defense ministry denies japan's claim. japanese officials plan to exchange data they obtained about the incidents with their russian counterparts. they say they will try to determine what really happened. >>> u.s. transportation investigators have cast doubt on the quick fix for the problems facing the dreamliner. they say regulators need to rethink their approval of batteries used in the boeing 787. official from a number of agencies are looking into a string of safety incidents. deborah herschman said an ion battery sparked a fire in boston. >> this investigation has demonstrated that a short circuit in a single cell can propagate to adjacent cells and result
in russia and china. both nations accused nato of pursuing a political agenda rather than a humanitarian one. >> it's been a very divisive issue. you have the europeans and the united states seeing it as a very clear-cut victory for the u.n. the russians, the chinese, the south africans, even though the south africans supported intervention, but, uh, the brazilians, the indians, have been much less, uh, supportive of, of the whole outcome that they have ceded as a sort of a, as a violation of the principle of responsibility to protect. >> both, uh, russia and china have used that not to go along with tougher u.n. sanctions on, on syria. uh, you clever fellows tricked us on the libyan thing. you didn't talk about regime change, you talked about humanitarian issues, but after all it was all about regime change. >> now the lessons of libya are being applied to another country where a brutal dictator is cracking down on his own people, syria. >> we sit here today worrying about syria where assad is doing terrible things and i would like to stop it. >> it's incredibly dangerous to go on this road
in a proxy war supported by iran and russia. the other side of the debate is nothing else is working and we need to create pressure on assad and build relationship with people inside syria who might take over one day. another factor is there are rebels, al-qaeda affiliated rebels the united states and the west doesn't support. and i don't think it's in the west's interest to see them end up at the top of the heap. >> rose: and then we turn to the story of the chinese army spying on the american government and american companies with david sanger of the "new york times," dune lawrence and michael riley of bloomberg businessweek. >> the cyber has been off to the side as something of an annoyance. i'm hearing this has gotten so big it's moving to the center of the relationship and it risks the rest of the relationship. i think the next thing you're going to see the president sending some kind of envoy to beijing to make that point. >> rose: the conflict in syria and spying on the united states by the chinese army when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios
in northern russia. 10 bodies already recovered and it is feared another seven maybe trapped in the rubble after a an explosion triggered by a buildup of methane gas. >> top story today -- pope benedict xvi is to resign at the end of this month because of failing health. he says he no longer has the strength to fulfill his office. french president francois hollande said those found guilty of passing off a horse meat as beef must be punished. earlier, the romanian prime minister said investigations at an abattoir near bucharest found no irregularities. officials have been trying to determine how exactly the meat came to be labeled as beef before being shipped out to do processing firms. incident has raised serious questions about the complexity of the food supply chain. more from paris. >> now it is french supermarket, too, removing ready meals from the cells. also owned brand meals -- all produced at this factory in luxembourg where, last august from a delivery of what was supposed to be be turned out to be one of course -- horse. the official consensus is this is not a health scare but la
to our friends in russia and china, the two members, to put the necessary leverage on the assad dictator in syria to leave and let people go to their new democratic government. >> thank you very much. >> my colleagues speaking to the turkish minister. that is almost the end of the program. just a reminder, you can find lots more material from the program on line, with interviews, analysis. visits the website. that is it for us this week. from all of us, good night. >> makes sense of international news. it >> funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, helping for having new ventures and to provide key, strategic decisions. we offered taylor and solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you -- for you? -- for you?
where -- sochi itself. >> let's use the c word. it always comes up in russia. are you saying part of this is about corruption, the spiraling costs? >> it is about corruption. >> thanks very much. stay with us on "bbc world news ." still to come -- i will be speaking to a cycling journalist about the fallout from today's damming report -- daminning report on doping in australian sports. now to a question worth just under one trillion euros, how much money should the european union spend over the next six years? eu leaders are trying to reach a compromise deal on their next budget, but the talks will not be easy at a time of economic austerity. >> how much should a cost to run the european union? that is the question facing -- should it cost to run the european union? that is the question facing leaders today. they want bigger funding to pay for infrastructure projects like this. the french want eu grants to their farmers to be kept high. the countries in the south are struggling with that. they cannot afford any cut in revenue from the eu -- with deb t. they cannot afford any cut i
largest [indiscernible] profits have stalled in their key markets of russia and eastern europe. they say they are now focusing on asia to exhaust their opportunities. like much of the world, the british high street has suffered from huge casualties lately. but now a supermarket chain is hoping to find some success. they have purchased 49 shops from the failed film rental chain, blockbuster, which they will transform and convenience stores. the new franchise is expected to create new jobs. for the moment the managing director describe what was behind the change. >> the convenience sector, 20 pence on every pound in the u.k. is spent in convenience stores. customers tell us that those convenience stores do not give them fresh products or prices. we thought we could bring morris into a convenience store, offering great and fresh products at great prices. they consider the opportunity to go to high streets and bring back some bustle. >> the japanese yen has continued its slide against the u.s. dollar today. they were not following a lack of restraint against the japanese authorities. it was
for biz this hour. let's check in now on the markets. >>> people in central russia need more time and more money to deal with the damage caused by last week's meteor crash. shattered glass injured hundreds of residents. government officials say repair work will take nearly a month to complete and cost millions of dollars. the meteor exploded on friday before hitting the ground. the resulting shock wave blew out win dose adows and damaged . officials estimate the damage at around $33 million. they say workers are replacing windows at schools, but they know walls aremain severely damaged. the governor has told officials to buy glass and other building materials to buy materials from nearby areas to speed up the work. >> translator: if larger fragments are found, it will be of great interest for people who research asteroids and comets. >> the excitement isn't limited to scientists. residents of a village nearby are rushing to the fields around their homes, hoping to cash in. many villagers say they saw small objects falli ining from sky after the meteor exploded. they say they found meteorit
possible means. they control russia. they'd planned to control europe and the world. >> the comment at the time was that nato's role to keep the russians out, the germans down and the americans in. >> the great achievement is the fact, uh, that nato prevented the cold war from getting hot. >> that succeeded beyond anybody's wildest dreams, in 1989 when the berlin wall came down, the cold war ended, the soviet union broke up. >> but as threats to member nations subsided, nato shifted its focus toward helping non-members procure the same freedoms nato states enjoyed. >> after the end of cold war, nato contributed the framework for transition in europe and we have given access to former communist dictatorships and today they are highly valued allies within nato. i think these are the great achievements of nato during our more than 60-years history. >> that's when nato 2.0 started. a nato that wanted to do for eastern europe and central europe what nato had done for western europe, to provide a platform and a basis for a democratization for building up the economic vitality and capital
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline". people in central russia are talking about the close encounter they had with something that likely came from space. authorities say a meteorite came crashing down to earth shattering windows about 500 people were hurt. officials with the emergency situation's ministry say witnesses saw a burning object streaking through the sky on friday morning in the chelyabinsk region. that's 1500 kilometers east of moscow. they say the object emitted strong light and people heard a series of explosions. the officials say the impact damaged more than 300 buildings. glass fragments from shattered windows injured many people. teams are searching a radius of several hundred kilometers to find possible debris from the meteor. >> translator: the small asteroid entered the earth's atmosphere and starting burning. it looked like a bright fireball in the sky. the meteor fell faster than the speed of sound and we believe the shock wave is what shattered the windows. with this kind of size it's very difficult to detect until it actually hits the earth. it's fair to say
to be a cosmonaut. russia has opened their space program to a competition. now the winners are going through a grueling training program for space. do you have what it takes? well, here on "g.m.t.," we're going to find out just how far we might be able to push human endurance, in space and in the snow. thanks for watching "g.m.t." stay with us here on "bbc world news." >> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newmans own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide
competitiveness." attacks from china have been the most widespread with other countries, including russia, france, and israel. the potential cost of the hacks has been estimated in tens of billions of dollars. china's attacks are at dylan with effort technology. the obama administration recently granted itself broad authority to carry out cyberattacks on other countries. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the city of los angeles is offering a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of christopher dorner, former lapd officer. dorner is wanted in the three recent killings targeting fellow officers and their families. during sunday afternoon press conference, the l.a. mayor announced the bounty. >> collectively, this group, led by my office, is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. we will not tolerate anyone undermining the security, the tranquillity of our neighborhoods and our communities. we will not tolerate this reign of terror that has robbed u
excuse russia uses to continue supporting syria. the situations and regimes are very different, but the blind these governments are using to continue supporting the regime that commits human-rights abuses are the same lines. i think it is unfortunate because the u.s. in the short term and may seem like it strategic, but in the long term it is not sustainable. if anything, they're raising anti-to listen to it in a very fast way. losing a big credibility. >> on the security issue, the saudi monarchy as well as others are arguing against pressure against thebi government, alleging much of the popular unrest is being filled by iran seeking to stir up the shia population bahrain. your response to these allegations of iranian or iran being behind the uprising there? >> first of all, it is not very difficult to understand the situation in bahrain. the government's report brought about by the king accepted by the king, the commission of inquiry found no bahraini influence. but beyond that, the civil- rights movement started in the 1920's, long before the security issues of iran. at a t
shot by authorities at close range on thursday. in russia, about 40 people were reportedly injured when the meteorite shot across the sky and dropped balls of fire down to earth. video shows the meteorite blazing a brilliant path of light across the sky. mass panic ensued as car alarms went off and windows shattered. authorities said most injuries were minor and resulted from flying glass. authorities in california say the body found inside a burned out cabin in california is that a former police officer and shooting suspect christopher dorner. dorner is accused of waging a campaign of terror against his former employer, the los angeles police department, and will ultimately killing four people, including a sheriff's deputy caught in a shootout at the cabin. dorner had accused the department of racism and corruption. officials deny they intentionally set a fire that gutted the cabin where dorner was hiding, but amid the blaze was ignited by their pyrotechnic-style tear-gas canisters known as burners. dorner's scorched remains had to be identified by dental records. we will have more lat
. they desperately need integration with both china. russia is talking about building and oil pipeline to the korean peninsula that would go through north and south korea and some oil from the southern parts of korea. there is a lot of talk about it, but i think before anything can happen, there has got to be some kind of peace and stability on the peninsula. >> thank you for being with us, independent journalist who has covered korea for over 30 years, tim shorrock. his latest book is, "spies for hire: the secret world of intelligence outsourcing." when we come back, the pope has resigned, the first time a pope has resigned and 600 years. stay with us. ♪ [music break] >> the legendary jazz trumpeter donald byrd died last week at the age of 80. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. speculation is mounting over who will become the next pope after pope benedict shocked the catholic church money when he became the first pontiff to resign in a 600 years. the 85-year-old pope cited ill health as the reason for his departure. >> dear brothers, i have conv
. >> the situation in russia has changed. first of all, a lot of people learned about this problem, this people earlier who did not attention to social problems, problems with the church withputin. they saw the court process, how he sat in the aquarium, so much injustice happen. now many are critical of putin the state authorities because they see all this injustice. >> a judge presiding over the case of accused hacker jeremy hammond has opted not to recuse herself from his case despite claims she is a conflict of interest. jeremy hammond's attorneys had filed a motion for judge loretta preska to step down, saying her husband was a kind of stratfor, the private intelligence firm hammond is accused of targeting. hammond could face a life term for lead to turning over millions of stratfor emails to wikileaks. in a statement from solitary confinement this week, have responded to the suicide last month of fellow internet freedom activist aaron swartz, who was weeks before a trial date for downloading a trove of articles from the nonprofit jstor. jeremy hammond wrote -- newly obtained documents mean
. brazil, russia, who? >> rose: none of the emerging nations. >> i don't think so. and it's possible that a brand-new pattern will emerge from this resorting of wealth and power. but the world needs leadership now. on the issue of climate, water, topsoil, population, distribution of wealth in the global economy, you can go down the list. and the only obvious candidate to provide leadership in the word is united states. now many perceive the united states as having gone through a relative decline in power. there's evidence to that effect. but it's not clear that that is a persistent pattern. it is clear that the only way the united states can play what i think its natural role is, to provide leadership to the world o i do think that people around the world still look to the united states in spite of their disappointments, in spite of their concerns, as a kind of avatar among nations and if we are to play that role, those of us who are citizens of the united states have to reclaim the integrity of our democracy. it is failing us. the middle class is being hollowed out. somehow a majori
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)